Brewed in Ireland, our new core range of Galway Hooker Beer is now available to buy in-store and in your local!

Making Waves Since 2006

Galway Hooker is an artisan brewery nestled in the stunning surrounds of the Wild Atlantic Way. Established in 2006, Galway Hooker produced the original Irish Pale Ale – now the most popular style of craft beer in the country. A pioneer of the modern craft beer movement, famous for its innovation and quality, Galway Hooker has developed a reputation as one of Ireland’s leading breweries. Our ethos is to brew natural, full flavoured, high quality and preservative-free beers. The results are beers that have received numerous awards, including Gold Medals at the Irish Food Awards and the World Beer Awards.

Discover Our Beer

Irish Pale Ale

ABV 4.3% | 500ml

Sixty Knots IPA

ABV 5.5% | 500ml

Organic Pilsner

ABV 4.1% | 500ml

Honey Beer

ABV 5.3% | 500ml

Why Our Beer Is So Good

  • Selected Malts
    Ireland has an ideal climate for growing cereals and we take great care to source only the best malted barley from Irish suppliers. We use a range of cereals to add colour, flavour and mouthfeel to our beers. Malted barely provides us with sugar which the yeast converts into alcohol.
  • Quality Hops
    We source the best quality hops from around the globe to impart a range of flavours and aromas to our beers. Whether it’s punchy, fruity hops from the Pacific west coast of the US or noble, subtle hops from central Europe our brewers carefully blend each variety to produce the unique flavours Galway Hooker is famous for.
  • Unique Yeast
    The whole purpose of the brewing process is to make a food source for yeast to grow on. One of the by-products of this growth is alcohol. Because yeast is a living microorganism, it keeps regenerating itself every time we make a batch of beer. This means that we can harvest the yeast from one batch of beer and reuse it for the next batch. We have a special tank to store the yeast between batches.
  • Special Water
    We use locally sourced water from the west of Ireland which contains an ideal balance of minerals for brewing. All of our water passes through an activated carbon filter to ensure the purest quality and flavours in our beers

Our brewery uses top of the range individual beer technology in order to produce beer at the highest standard and quality.

  • Malt Mashing
    Malt Mashing
    This is the hot water steeping process which hydrates the barley, activates the malt enzymes, and converts the grain starches into fermentable sugars.
  • Boiling
    Boiling extracts the hop flavour from the hop cones. The boiling process improves the overall flavour and finish of the beer
  • Fermentation & Cooling
    Fermentation & Cooling
    Fermentation is when yeast produce all the alcohol and aroma and flavour compounds found in beer. Cooling meaning they quickly cool down the tanks to approximately 1°C and hold the fermented brew there for about a day. Then, it is transferred to the bright tanks to condition the beer after the fermentation process.


For many years, our beer has continued to receive many awards.