The hallmark of a truly exceptional whiskey is its  provenance, and our iconic coastal location lends our whiskey a unique blend of characteristics from the crisp clean air that rolls in from the expansive Atlantic Ocean to the depth of tradition and history that give Galway its world-renowned status.

When Irish settlers in Boston needed fishing boats, they built Hookers which became known as Boston Hookers. While originally built for fishing they were a utilitarian boat used to transport goods such as turf, food, livestock, seaweed and of course an illegal whiskey known as poitín.
Claddagh in Galway was the main boat building center of the region. Boatwrights earned three shillings and three glasses of whiskey.


The Fitzgerald family from Clarinbridge, Galway, under the stewardship of brothers Peter & Paul, have built 2 very successful businesses in the construction and hospitality sectors. Their focus now is to build a business that can highlight Galway and its cultural history to a bigger audience. Irish Whiskey and Galway are two topics that they are passionate about and as Mark Twain once said, “If you can find something you enjoy doing, you will never work a day in your life”. But it is more than just a passion project, it is about legacy and preparing the business for the next generation of the Fitzgerald family. To this end, Michael Fitzgerald is at the forefront of the next generation and is leading the charge on developing the Galway Hooker Whiskey Brand.


In 2021, Connacht Hospitality Group acquired a microbrewery in Oranmore (Galway Hooker) with the intention to develop and expand the business. Craft beer is considered a niche market and Galway Hooker is well placed in this market. The development of the Irish Whiskey range that will introduce Galway Hooker to a wider market. Galway Hooker Irish Whiskey company is focusing on a limited range of high-quality blends both non-age and age statement. Galway Hooker is heavily focused on perfecting its main SKU which is a non-age statement signature blend. This is a young vibrant whiskey with flavour and dept that is far superior to other young Irish whiskeys. This whiskey will be a focus for Galway Hooker as we look to grow our footprint in some major international markets such as the UK and the US.