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Galway Hooker's… APHRODISIAC

Food is at the heart of all cultures. We cherish it for the uniqueness and diversity it brings to our lives. This simple truth is the rudder that guides Galway Hooker. We are always seeking to express our provenance and the natural beauty of the west of Ireland. Of all the many fantastic products that capture the idea of terroir, perhaps none do so more than raw honey. Wild flowers are at the root of each honey’s unique flavour and this is what makes it so special. Its long known aphrodisiacal properties being more of a fringe benefit!!

These are the reasons we’ve been so keen to collaborate with Noel from Leahy Beekeeping for many years. Noel’s hives are located on the pristine Sliabh Aughty Mountains, outside Loughrea in county Galway. And so, on frosty morning in early February, a new beer (and a new friendship) was conceived when Noel delivered 10 kgs of his Summer Blossom Honey to the brewery. It is a common misconception that honey beers are sweet but this is not the case as the yeast converts most of the sugar into alcohol during fermentation. What you actually get is a wonderfully complex but subtle beer with woody, earthy and toffee flavours coming through from the honey. Being careful not to overpower the honey and malt flavours, the beer is lightly hopped to add complimentary grassy and floral notes.

The first batch was released on draught at the Alltech Beer Festival in March and plans are underway to bottle a limited amount in April. We hope this beer will be the first in a series of collaborations with food producers from the west of Ireland. Deep night discussions and wild plans are already underway with Liam from Tribal Foods and Martha from Ivy House Chocolates. More to come on that later…